How to plan your studies for the upcoming finals exams

The season for the final exams is fast approaching. As the best CBSE School in Mathura, plan your studies. We understand how tough it can be for students to deal with the exam season’s stress. One of the aspects students tend to struggle the most with is time management. Creating study plans can help you overcome stress during these troubling times. All you need to make a comprehensive study plan are some sheets of paper, a calendar, and some colored pens. Color-coding methods make them look appealing and distinct. As the best CBSE School in Mathura, we have some pointers to help you.

Note down your upcoming exams.

On a piece of paper, note down the exams you have to take, leaving a few lines between each exam. You can use different colored pens for each exam, which will help with clarity later. You can also number them according to the level of difficulty you feel, with maybe Maths as the most difficult and GK the least.

Divide each exam into units.

In many cases, your study units will define themselves; for example, if you’ve gone over five chapters in your English class, then each of those chapters will be a study unit. Write these study units down below your exam titles in the sheet you noted down the exam names. Then assign a number according to your difficulty, with ten being the most difficult. These rankings will be handy when you are working on your study plan.

Calculate and divide your units by days.

Next, write down how many days you have for each upcoming exam. Now divide the units you have per day. For example, if there are six days until your Maths exam and five units for my Maths class, it would leave you with one day for each team, plus an extra day for overall review.

Set your units in order.

Studying more complex material with high difficulty ratings earlier allows you more time to get comfortable with the material, contact your teacher with questions, and let the information sink in.

Use a calendar to chart your study plan.

Next, write down your study plan in a calendar. Use different colors to write down the date of each of your exams. Write down the material you’ll be studying each day as you work backward. Leave a little free room to balance your schedule, so you’re not doing all the most challenging material on the first day.

And there you have it. As the best CBSE School in Mathura, we suggest you use these techniques to glide through these examinations. I wish you all the very best for the upcoming exams. We know you will shine with flying colors.