Fun on the Run


Annual Fete was a day of revelry at the school. Students and parents from all over the city came to entertain themselves at the various food and games stalls, each set up and managed by a particular class. Children of all ages have something to amuse themselves with, from bouncing castles and horse rides for the very young, to video games and games of skill for the older ones. The event is a resounding success and rejuvenates everybody.

Water Play

Scorching heat brings opportunity for water-play where children play with reckless abandon. Water play delights the senses and is far more than simply pleasurable for young children. This type of sensory play is important for the development of the young child. Water play is good for children’s physical, mental (cognitive), and social-emotional growth. In the sensory play, there is no right or wrong way to play. When children pour water, they are improving their physical dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Not just the pre-primary kids, the water-play is a super-hit even with senior students.

Night Camp

Sharing and caring is the main goal of our over-night camp. It is a unique feature of Green Willow. It helps students to assimilate what is true, good and beautiful in one’s own and in other culture. Enhancing the personality of students, making them independent and imbibing values of love and brotherhood are the objectives of the camp. The overnight camp is a much awaited event for the students, they come to school carrying their little bags; they eat with their classmates; dance around the campfire; throw pillows at each other; crib at the blackout and get up in the morning to surya-namaskar and sumptuous breakfast and then bid each other good bye.

Interactive Talks

When celebrities talk children listen; and the edifying effect these talks have on the young minds is etched deep. Talks by eminent people from different walks of life are regularly arranged for Green Willow students. In the past we have had sports stars, wellness experts, music maestros, freedom fighters, film stars, political leaders, scientists, spiritual gurus, social activists and the like, coming and interacting with our students and teaching them the nuances of their trade.


Special Assemblies

Seasonal, national and religious festivals renew our awareness of the rhythms of the year and foster the children’s relationship to the world into which they grow. Many festivals are celebrated during the school year and each festival may be observed differently according to the class and teacher. The whole school celebrates some festivals, and others are celebrated only by the pre-primary. Additional festivals may also be included during the year, according to the curriculum and class diversity. Although many of the festivals we celebrate are associated with particular world religions, the school is secular in its outlook and is committed to providing Green Willow education to all students, without any prejudice. Also, special assemblies are dedicated to marking all the important national and international days viz. World Computer Day, World Book Day, National Science Day, Hiroshima Day, Human Rights Day, National Youth Day, World Environment Day, Earth Day, Water Day.