‘The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page’ – Saint Augustine

Trips and excursions are a highlight of the school year for Green Willow children. Whether it is the zoo, the museum, the temple, the mushroom farm, the printing press, the Taj Mahal the planetarium or just a nature walk, a Trip to Kidzania, Shimla, Dalhousie (One of the best hill stations to explore) exploring more with khajjiar, Chamba etc. children learn more about the world and how to interact with others when they leave the four walls of the classroom. Trips involve children having to talk to adults and children from other schools. Venturing into the public allows children to be exposed to different situations making them more social in the process. Rather than just studying vegetables, students visit a farm and see first-hand how they are grown. They talk to an actual farmer and learn facts not written about in books. Field trips give our teachers an excellent opportunity to show students that different academic subjects can be studied simultaneously and that learning does not have to be an isolated experience. Social studies are incorporated by listening to the tour guide giving an oral history of the historical monuments. But sometimes, the trip does not have to be an educational excursion it is for pure fun viz. the trip to the amusement park.